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Dr. Candice Johnson

Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer visionSPEAK Consulting, LLC


Based out of Louisville, KY




Published Author

Prayer Warrior





visionSPEAK Consulting

This is a kingdom-driven business founded in 2018 that empowers others to discover their Strengths and Purpose through Education and Action with Kindness.






visionSPEAK Consulting restores hope in impact for those running on autopilot.


We are dedicated to the lifelong learner that is currently feeling defeated. Clients work with Dr. Candice because she is upbeat, organized, authentic, forward-thinking a connector, and a great listener.

A Bit About Dr. Candice

Meet Dr. Candice – a beacon of encouragement and inspiration in our world. Her passion for lifting others up and helping them unlock their full potential is truly infectious. If you ever find yourself needing a boost of motivation, just look to her, and you'll witness a cheerleader extraordinaire, always standing on the sidelines, rooting for you to succeed.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Louisville, KY, Dr. Candice comes from a family of educators, instilling in her a deep love for knowledge and a heart for teaching. She honed her skills at Western Kentucky University and the University of Louisville, earning her degrees in Public Relations and Communication, respectively. Her thirst for learning and leading others to greatness led her to pursue a Doctor of Education in Leadership from Spalding University. Dr. Candice has spent over 15 years dedicated to help students and families understand and navigate the college admission and financial aid process with grace.

Beyond her academic achievements, Dr. Candice is a lover of people – a true connector. She delights in bringing people together, fostering meaningful connections, and providing resources that empower others to thrive. Her innate ability to unite hearts and minds makes her a true force of positivity in any room she enters.

In her cherished moments of leisure, you'll find Dr. Candice immersed in the pages of a good book, capturing her thoughts in the pages of her journal, or basking in the beauty of God's creation. But don't be fooled by her serene demeanor; she knows how to bring joy to life. A lover of laughter, singing, and dancing, she embodies the spirit of celebration wherever she goes.

And speaking of blessings, the greatest joy in Dr. Candice's life is her sunshine, her gift from above, Miss Kyla Brooklyn Ford. Kyla, a shining example of faith and talent, serves as her mom's Director of Digital Media, uniting their hearts even further in their shared love for creativity and technology.

Dr. Candice's impact reaches far and wide, as she recently graced the literary world with her published book, "Queen, Arise: Taking your rightful place as God's royalty," available on Amazon. Her words of wisdom and empowerment are sure to touch the hearts of readers worldwide.

Not stopping there, she brings her inspiring energy to the airwaves with her captivating podcast, "Her Renewed Mind" featuring biblical encouragement, from Dr. Candice and her guests, for focused mind. 


Tune in on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify and witness the power of truth from the word of God, as well as the testimonies of others.


A true servant at heart, Dr. Candice leads a bi-monthly prayer call for women, setting aside time to come together and uplift one another in faith and unity. Every first and third Thursdays of the month at 6:30 AM EST, hearts and voices unite, creating a powerful symphony of hope and strength..

Are you feeling the pull to connect with this incredible woman of purpose? Click here to experience the uplifting energy of Dr. Candice herself. Get ready to be empowered, encouraged, and inspired to embrace the limitless possibilities that life has in store for you.


"Together, let's rise and shine as the royalty we were meant to be!"

Let's connect!

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