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Working with individuals and organizations like yours brings me great joy!



I use my background in educational counseling and coaching, leadership, and ministry to tailor my message to the audience. My core mission of speaking is to leave a positive and lasting impact on the audience, inspiring and challenging them to take positive actions in their lives and work to bring transformation to their world.


Master Classes are more intensive and specialized than regular workshops. In my master classes I provide in-depth and advanced training to participants, allowing them to learn from myself and one another's exceptional knowledge, expertise, and experience in the subject matter!


It's essential to recognize that life coaching is not therapy or counseling. While I may explore past experiences and beliefs, my focus is primarily on helping clients create actionable plans for their future and achieve their desired outcomes in partnership with Holy Spirit. We will work together to design a more fulfilling and kingdom-driven life!


As the Mistress of Ceremonies I use my gift of public speaking to engage and connect with the audience. An MC's presence and stage demeanor can significantly impact the overall success of the event. I aim to ensure that it is well-organized, enjoyable, and memorable for all participants!


Educational & College Consulting is not limited to struggling students; it can be beneficial for high achievers seeking to further excel in their studies. I tailor my approach to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each student, fostering a positive and supportive learning experience!




Welcome to Her Renewed Mind, where you will be encouraged to develop a deeper relationship with God and feel more mentally focused and connected so that you can enjoy a peaceful life and be a blessing to others.


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